Brass Candlesticks and Brass Candle Holders

Collections of the same brass candlestick style in varying sizes represent a popular design theme. While homeowners continue to buy pairs of candlesticks for use on dining room tables, sideboards, or fireplace mantels, it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to use many styles of brass candlesticks of different heights to provide a more unique decorative focus.

Williamsburg - Briggs Langston and Greenhow Candlesticks

A model candlestick, the Briggs candlestick is a reproduction of an actual candlestick recovered from Colonial Williamsburg. Comes gift boxed with felt bag.

Williamsburg - Brass Sarah Coke Candlesticks view details $126.00

Williamsburg - Brass Sarah Coke Candlesticks

The Sarah Coke Candlesticks are adapted from archeological fragments found at the Coke-Garett site in Colonial Williamsburg. The original antique was unearthed in the layer of soil that dates back to the time when the site was owned by the Coke family. Comes gift boxed with felt bag.

Tiffany Brass Candlesticks view details $144.00

Tiffany Brass Candlesticks

Surviving the fire at the Mansion House on the famous Tiffany estate on the Hudson River, this impressive candlestick is a true testament to the tradition of high-quality casting of its time. The Tiffany candlestick is heavily cast in solid brass and represents the exceptional elegance and sophistication of one of the greatest homes in America.

Novelli Brass Candlesticks view details $144.00

Novelli Brass Candlesticks

The Novelli candlestick inherits its title from the Novelli townhouse in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. This candlestick is prime example of the clear, crisp elegance of America's federal period.

Charlottesville Brass Candlestick view details $148.00

Charlottesville Brass Candlestick

The Charlottesville Candlestick possesses a classic and enduring quality. Resembling the superb structural design of Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia in Charlottesville, this piece has a design that is cherished by even the most discriminating of tastes.

Cricket Brass Candlestick view details $138.00

Cricket Brass Candlestick

Handsome lines craft a charismatic brass candlestick. Hefty in the hand, the design features the craftsmanship of a different time period. The brass candlestick adds the instant ambiance of candlelight. Enrich decor and add warmth to the interior with a colonial brass candlestick.

Dancing Fox Brass Candle Holder

Foxes have long been a motif in historic home decor. The Dancing Fox Candlestick lends a humorous note to the classic theme. Forged from sand-cast brass, the lighting design is richly polished to a shimmering lustre. Circular base adds stability and a soft line to the unique brass candlestick.

Fox Brass Candle Holder

Dashingly attired, this brass candlestick features a personified fox motif. The fox himself holds the cup for the candle's base. Providing ambiance and lighting, the Fox Brass Candle Holder is an exquisitely detailed gift for the home. The candlestick is crafted from the truly distinctive technique of sand casting.

Gunston Brass Candlestick

Austere in the simplicity of the design, the Gunston Brass Candlestick is a classical colonial reproduction. The candlestick respectfully retains an air of the historic with the obvious dedication to craftsmanship. Each brass candlestick features the natural and desirable imperfections of the sand-casting process.

Lacquered Brass Oil Lamp

A sturdy brass base crafts the beginnings of a well-appointed oil lamp. The selection pulls inspiration from commemorated historic designs. The brass oil lamp includes a stately glass hurricane lamp as the crowning accent. This piece of history will quickly find a place in the heart and home.

Votive oil candle not included.

Leaf Brass Candlestick

The fascination of the natural world is celebrated by a cleverly crafted brass candlestick. This exquisite lighting design takes note of the popularity of leaves and their veining in antique home decor. The candlestick is created from a unique sand casting and buffed to a luminous shine that catches and reflects the candlelight.

Lighthouse Brass Candle Stand

A beacon of light presenting a beacon of light is a lovely design for home decor. The nautically inspired candle holder showcases the enduring beauty of sand-cast brass. The polished design presents a wide holder appropriate for a candle with more circumference. Embellish the home with the brilliant luxury of brass candle holders in a variety of styles and motifs.

Pineapple Brass Wall Sconce/Candle Holder

The colonial symbol of the pineapple embodies hospitality. The theme is an enduring tradition in well-appointed homes. Rich handcrafted character embellishes the Pineapple Wall Sconce with a handsome air of the luxurious. The shimmering polished finish completes the presentation of the candle wall sconce with a timeless lustre.

Rose Pole Brass Candlestick

Elegantly turned, the Rose Pole Brass Candlestick is a discriminating lighting design. The stately appearance showcases extensive detail work. Handcrafted, the brass candlestick is forged from a sand-casting. The rich polished finish catches the light and reflects it back into the room. Add the ambiance of candlelight to the home with a truly distinctive brass candlestick.

Small Brass Candle Snuffer

Richly forged, this brass candle snuffer draws inspiration from authentic historic designs. The integrity of the piece is a result of the sand-casting process, an old-world art of metal crafting. Sparkling polished finish completes the replica with a nod to the luxurious.

Twin Brass Candlestick

The two arm design of the Twin Brass Candlestick adds extra lighting and immediate elegance. The candlestick is fashioned with antique inspirations and made in the same way. The sand cast candlestick will provide years of distinctive service in the luxurious home.

Alhambra Brass Candlesticks

Regally handcrafted, this gleaming brass candlestick is inspired by the city of Alhambra, Spain. The curving linear design boasts sand cast craftsmanship and a polished finish. The base gently cascades into a pool of shimmering brass. The small measures 7" tall and the large 9" tall.

Dominion Brass Candlestick view details $138.00

Dominion Brass Candlestick

Meticulous workmanship hones a striking brass candlestick. The Dominion Collection offers a hexagonal base for a sleek geometric accent. The column of the candlestick is planed to lustrously catch the candlelight.