SPI Gallery Animal & Nature Brass Sculptures

SPI Gallery Animal & Nature Brass Sculptures

The SPI Gallery has been crafting fine wildlife sculptures and figurines for over 35 years using trained sculptors and artisans. The designs offer a variety of unique finishes along with nautical and wildlife inspirations. Created in Northern California, San Pacific International's sealife sculptures are hand sculpted and cast in their American foundry.

  • SPI Gallery Bird Sculptures

    SPI Gallery Artisans merely look to the skies to draw their inspirations for their hand forged bird sculptures.

  • SPI Gallery Clocks

    SPI Gallery clocks stand the test of time with accuracy and quality of meticulous craftsmanship.

  • SPI Gallery Coastal Sculptures

    SPI Gallery Manatee and playful Sea Otter coastal sculptures are elegant and whimsical.

  • SPI Gallery Crustaceans Sculptures

    SPI crustacean sculptures are colorful, feisty and the perfect beach accent to any home.

  • SPI Gallery Dolphin Sculptures

    SPI Artists make waves with their extensive collection of frolicking dolphin pod sculptures.

  • SPI Gallery Door Knockers

    SPI solid metal animal and nature themed door knockers announce family and guests to your home with elegance and grace.

  • SPI Gallery Mermaid Sculptures

    SPI mermaid sculptures bring to life the graceful sirens of the sea with exceptional attention to detail.

  • SPI Gallery Rain Gauges

    SPI rain gauges look great in any yard while providing the functionality of measuring local rain fall.

  • SPI Gallery Seaworld Sculptures

    The beauty of the oceans and its creatures are forged in both brass and marble sculptures.

  • SPI Gallery Tables

    SPI tables are a magnificent mixture of brass and glass producing extraordinary treasures of nature for your home.

  • SPI Gallery Trophy Sculptures

    Cherish the memories of landing a trophy fish with a hand painted desk or mantle sculpture.

  • SPI Gallery Tropical Water Sculptures

    SPI brass tropical water sculptures deliver the warmth of surf, sun & sand into your home or office.

  • SPI Gallery Turtle Sculptures

    SPI turtle sculptures highlight the graceful movement of these gentle explorers of the oceans in natural settings.

  • SPI Whale & Shark Sculptures

    SPI Sculptures bring to life the emperors of the oceans with intricate details and elegant poises.

  • SPI Gallery Wildlife Sculptures

    SPI Sculpture’s render glimpses into nature with detailed sculptures of wildlife.

  • SPI Gallery Yard Statues

    SPI outdoor statues are hand finished in natural tones to bring an exceptional touch of class to any yard or garden.