Weather Instruments & Gauges

Weather Instruments & Gauges

For outdoor living by land or sea or indoor magnificence, our collection of brass weather instruments and brass gauges fits the finest of decors. Our collection of quality brass weather instruments includes brass barometers, weather stations, thermometers, rain gauges and weather vanes. Treasure the collection in the home or garden for years to come with the finest selections for your impeccable taste.

  •  Brass Barometers

    Brass barometers have been many seafarerís choice for durability and precise measurements.

  • Brass Weather Stations

    Brass weather stations combine sophistication and detailed scientific measurements for home or boat use.

  • Barometers

    Measure atmospheric pressure in style with any of our wall or mantel mount barometers.

  • Outdoor Thermometers

    Track outdoor temperatures with a no maintenance, weather resistant thermometer.

  • Rain Gauges

    Measure rainfall with an easy to install decorative yard or garden rain gauge.

  • Weathervanes

    Weathervanes show wind direction and make great rooftop accents on any home or barn.

  • Weather Stations

    Forecast local weather conditions with precision made instruments designed for years of lasting beauty.